20FA-RELT-225-TW01 Biblical Spirituality(3) Module 10

Reflection 7

In order to prepare for this week you should read pages 31-62 in the book The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley.  As we are going though the book, check out the website for the book: https://www.thecommonrule.org.  On the website you will find additional resources that will help you process the readings and integrate the practices of the Common Rule into your life.  Also, please take time to watch the video clips below that provide introduction and orientation to the book we are reading and to the readings for this week.

You will have to submit your Reflection 7 that will address the following issues: What habits, for better or worse, are framing your day at this time of your life?  How does your relationship to food affect your relationship to community?

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