BM034-3-3-MEP-Alternative Assessment Individual Essay

BM034-3-3 MEP                                                                                                                                                            Alternative Assessment Individual Essay                                                                                               

                                                                                      This section carries 100 marks.

                                                                                 (Answer ALL the essay Questions) (Total 100 marks) 


You are required to write THREE (3) analytical essays with Question 1 will be 900 words and Question 2 & 3 will be 800 words each based on the topic given below. Each essay must include introduction (defining the topic), main text (body of essay based on elements raised in essay question) and conclusion. Please substantiate your argument with appropriate evidence from credible sources for proper examples, citation and references.


Covid patient booked on suicide charge

Nashik: Malegaon police has booked a 54-year-old Covid-19 patient on the charges of attempt to suicide after he was found in hospital’s bathroom with self-inflicted injuries. The patient a resident of Nandgaon taluka’s Manmad, tested positive for Covid-19 on July 20. Thereafter, he was admitted to the Faran hospital.

At around 4.15 pm, the patient went to the bathroom of the hospital and, in a fit of rage, he broke the windowpane and inflected injuries upon himself with the broken pieces of glasses.

Hospital staff notice the injuries on his stomach and neck, following which they clamed him down and took him to the ward where he was admitted. 

Source: Times of India (2020) “Covid patient booked on suicide charge,” Times of India, July 25 [Online]. Available at charge/articleshow/77159893.cms [Accessed 9 September, 2020].

From the above newspaper article: Critically discuss THREE (3) ideas to indicate your viewpoint on the suicide attempt by the 54- year-old Covid patient, from an ethical perspective. Define Physician-assisted suicide and elaborate THREE (3) points for or against this practice, based on proper justification and examples



‘Breakfast with Frost’ is a BBC current affairs television programme that was hosted by Sir David Frost which covered the main political news of the day while analysing the coverage of the week's news events. This program ranked at 4th place by Ranker Watch Worthy based on votes received for ‘The very best politics shows on television’. Political drama television series were ranked at 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Source: Watchworthy (2020) “The Best Politics Tv Shows,” Ranker Watch Worthy, August 18[Online]. Available at [Accessed 9 September, 2020].

From the above excerpt on analysis of a political programme, provide insight on the reason why political talk shows are less popular compare to political drama television series. Analyse THREE (3) reasons for less viewership for political talk shows and explain the THREE (3) possible methods to increase viewership for political talk shows with relevant examples. Substantiate your discussion with proper referencing and citations.

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