Case Study #5: Film Analysis

LIST-4923-CC4 - Special Topics

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After watching Netflix's Period. End of Sentence, consider the following for this week's 350 word case study. The women in the film truly embody what impactful leadership can have on a community, the quality of life opportunities that can happen, and the opportunities it allows us to have. Arunchalam Muruganantham was able to empower women in a way that truly embodies the idea of transformational leadership. He gave a group of underserved and overlooked women the tools and inspiration to change their lives and cause a ripple effect across their communities. 

Discuss what you took away from the film, what most caught your attention, and any applications to our lives here in the Upper Cumberland that we can learn from. Remember to follow MLA or APA when making citations.


**For those that have already watched Period. End of Sentence, I am going to ask that you watch Hulu's RBG documentary. RBG was a trailblazer and opened the door for generations of women. The impact of her life's work will be felt for years to come. Discuss ad consider the people closest to her that were an inspiration, the moments that set her apart and placed her on a trajectory to the Supreme Court, and the groups she represented. Draw any parallels to our life today that she impacted. Remember to follow MLA or APA when making citations.