Chapter 13&14 Quiz

Question 1 (Mandatory) (10 points)


Carol is a behind-the-scenes kind of person, but everyone wants her on their committee because those committees tend to meet their objectives. Which of the following statements might describe why people want Carol on their committee?



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Question 2 (Mandatory) (10 points)



According to research, which of the following statements about men's and women's leadership traits is true?



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Question 3 (Mandatory) (10 points)



The primary purpose of ________ behaviors is to ensure that people, equipment, and other resources are used in an efficient way to accomplish the mission of a group or organization.



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Question 4 (Mandatory) (10 points)


Transactional leaders transform followers to pursue organizational goals over self-interests.



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Question 5 (Mandatory) (10 points)


Idealized influence by a leader entails behaviors associated with instilling pride, respect, and trust within employees.



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Question 6 (Mandatory) (10 points)



The levels of organizational culture are



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Question 7 (Mandatory) (10 points)


Northwest Bank wants to maintain a positive presence and a vision for the future—to stay around for the long term and to do good for communities. First, the bank works with employees, the people who deliver the promise day in and day out. Then, employees expand the process to include customers. Customers applying for a loan should write a statement about how they plan to stay around for the long term and do good for their communities. This is an example of



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Question 8 (Mandatory) (10 points)


Gannet Publishers has traditional layers of management and emphasis is placed on following the chain of command. Power, status, and position help the leaders within a hierarchy culture manage their employees. Gannett appears to have a(n) ________ culture.



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Question 9 (Mandatory) (10 points)



Organizational cultures can drive employee attitudes, performance, and organizational effectiveness, thereby leading to competitive advantage.



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Question 10 (Mandatory) (10 points)



Organizational culture operates on four levels: individual, group, organizational, and environmental.



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