Culminating Individual Project

LIST-4923-CC4 - Special Topics

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This Culminating Paper/Project will contain two separate parts:

Part One: Each student will choose a leader and analyze their skills and achievements using concepts learned throughout the class. Ideally, you should choose a leader that is meaningful or impactful to you in some way; maybe, they have been an inspiration, role model, or leader in your field of study or personally. Within this essay, you should highlight how they interacted with those around them (other leaders, followers, etc.), how the situations they faced impacted the decisions they made, what their leadership style was, and how this influenced them as a leader. This essay needs to be at least 750 words. This essay must include references to two outside sources sited in connection to the leader chosen. Make sure to follow MLA or APA formatting.

**I would appreciate it if you did not write about MLK, JFK, George Washington, or Abraham Lincoln...I've read a lot of papers about these guys and it would be nice to learn about someone new!**

Part 2: Locate a TED Talk, documentary, podcast, article, or video that relates to one of the conversations we have discussed over the course of our 5 weeks together. This should be accompanied by a brief overview explaining its significance and value to leadership in either the workplace or community. The overview should be 250 words and make sure to include a link to your video, podcast, or article. 

Each of these should be posted as their own separate document within this iLearn assignment.