Digital Writing-01 Com 181

You will need to have identified your project's theme for the semester and answer the following questions. Please take time and consideration on these answers. 
1. What is your project's theme? 

2. What is your theme's driving question? Why will Maryville students care/be interested in this theme? 

3, What is your theme not about? (This is for clarity and boundaries). Where are you going to focus? 

4. What are your dream ingredients? Who are your dream guests? What is your dream location? What would make your project amazing? 

5. How will you initially engage Maryville students? How will you hold their attention? 

6. How will you ensure that your theme/story is fair to the people and ideas it represents? Is it unbiased or does it represent both sides of an issue? 

7. What will Maryville students remember when it is over? 


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