Discussion Board #2: Finding Your Voice

LIST-4923-CC4 - Special Topics

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A recent article published by Forbes considered the challenges faced by women that many of their male counterparts don’t face.  One of the challenges that kept coming up was the ability to speak confidently and having a voice at the table. It is not enough to just have a seat at the table without using one’s voice. Being able to speak confidently, making our presence known, and sharing our perspectives is how we are able to shape policy, enact change, and make an impact on the situation and those that surround us. We can not let negative self talk or fear of rejection get in our way if we want to have an impact. Even though it seems women are more hesitant in voicing their thoughts when surrounded by men, this is something that can plague each of us-especially as young people.

For this discussion board post, consider a time that you were in a situation that you “had a seat at the proverbial table” but were hesitant to speak up and voice your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. What was causing you to hold back? What was the outcome of the situation you were in? Maybe you did speak up-how did that influence the outcome? Maybe you didn’t speak up- looking back, do you feel that if you were able to speak confidently that the outcome would have ended more positively? Moving forward, what are some things you can do so you are more likely to speak up?