Discussion Board #3: Transactional vs Transformational Leadership

LIST-4923-CC4 - Special Topics

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Transactional leadership can be described as a more traditional style of leadership that motivates individuals based on a reward and punishment system. Transactional leadership is often viewed as a male dominated style of leadership that promotes competition, highly directive, and focuses on performance. This leadership style can be highly successful when used in the appropriate setting with the right group of individuals. 

Transformational leadership is often characterized by leaders working with individuals to identify goals and creating a team mentality where we all win or lose together. There is often times not a hierarchy of roles within this leadership model; but, instead a group contributing their own strengths in an effort to enact change. Transformational leadership focuses on relationship building and trust in order to be successful and motivate others. Studies have shown that more often women are by nature transformational leaders. 

From our in class discussions, consider how gender roles can be seen within the construct of each leadership style. Give examples of situations when each would be appropriate and even leaders who have successfully embodied each stye. Consider and discuss how leaders can use these in tandem.