Discussion Board #4: Leader Comparison

LIST-4923-CC4 - Special Topics

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The idea of leadership is often misconstrued into being something that is not always attainable unless you have a certain personality or predisposed to certain characteristics and qualities. I would argue that this is far from the truth. The idea of Everyday Leadership focuses on small everyday choices anyone can make to allow positive change to happen that can lead to big results.

In the opening discussion board, you were asked to share someone that has been an influential leader in your life- an Everyday Leader one could say. For this discussion board, I would like you to compare your Everyday Leader to someone that is a "Household Name" Leader. What qualities do they have in common? Consider where your "Household Name" Leader got their start and how did they go about it. Remember MLK, Joan of Arc, and George Washington didn't just wake up one day as the leaders we know them as today.