Discussion Board #5: Relationships-What Matters Most

LIST-4923-CC4 - Special Topics

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The single most important marker of a successful leader, regardless of gender, lies in one's ability to build meaningful relationships. Some of the most well spoken, highly educated, connected individuals have failed in their respective areas due to their inability to genuinely connect with those who surround them. The art of relationship building is something that can't be found in a textbook and is often overlooked in conversation regarding leadership, especially within the workforce.

Consider when you need to find a mechanic, new doctor, or hair stylist, what do you do? You ask someone you trust and have a relationship with who they recommend. What if you have an issue at work that you need advice on how to handle? Are you going to talk to the COO you barely know and have had one awkward conversation with or the department manager you have worked with and developed a positive rapport? In short, relationships can make all the difference. We spend an incredible amount of time with those we work with so why wouldn't successful leaders value relationship building?

For this discussion board, highlight an individual who has mastered the art of building relationships in their respective field. Explain further how relationships can tip the scale within the realm of leadership. Consider an instance you have personally experienced where relationship building made all the difference.