EPOC Lab 2

                                              EPOC Lab # 2

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Materials Needed:

1 subject

Metabolic cart (previously warmed-up and calibrated)

Cycle ergometer (calibrated)



1. Stretch-out subject and have sit quietly on bike for VO2 measures.

2. Collect VO2 for 5 min.

3. Have subject start pedaling at 100 watts (60 rpm, 1.7 kp)

4. Measure VO2 every 30 sec.

5. Pedal for 10 mins

6. Stop pedaling and measure VO2 for 10 mins.


Purpose: To compare oxygen deficit to EPOC and to determine if the measured VO2 was equal to the estimated VO2 during a moderate intensity cycling effort.


Abstract: 350 words this week. You may write in groups of 2 or groups of 3. Same structure format to include an

Introduction - why????

Purpose – use the above typed statement

Methods – use above but re-write as appropriate

Results - see suggested calculations above and include

Discussion/Conclusion – Make sure your conclusion is related to your purpose. Expand this section as much as possible

Graph: Consider adding 1 or both of these graphs to your abstract.

1. Combination graph - VO2 vs time and estimated VO2 vs time.

2. Oxygen deficit and EPOC vs time



Introduction – 2 points, why is this important, how is it relevant,

Purpose – 0 points (I have done it for you)

Methods – 1 point for cleaning it up and putting into your own words

Results – 2 points for graphs, calculated results are accurate, phrasing of the results

Discussion/Conclusion – 5 points, is your conclusion correct relative to your results, relevant discussion to enhance your conclusion, suggestions as appropriate for data you received.