Film Analysis and Critique

Film Analysis and Critique:


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to understand and analyze a documentary or film in the context of Gender and Leadership. We will practice the basics of rhetorical analysis by examining and explaining the film in a creative and meaningful way.


Description: A film analysis is not a review or summary of the plot, it should go deeper into analysis and reaction. It should discuss the issues raised by the film, address the film’s importance and purpose, state reactions to the content and quality of the film, and connect it to ideas and material presented in class. You should include the following in any order you choose: Consider how the film portrays gender through visual rhetoric. How does this influence our feelings and understandings of femininity and masculinity, unity and division, and leadership?


To discover what you want to say, when considering a film, begin by considering these questions:

1) What it is saying?

2) Who it is saying it to?

3) Why is the video saying it that way?

4) What is the video saying about the impact of gender on leadership?

5) How does the video convey class, race and/or gender as a social construct?

6) How does it create and reinforce stereotypes or subvert and undermine them?


Questions for ANALYZING film rhetorically

  • What about the video immediately gets your attention?

  • Does the video appeal to the emotions? How?

  • Does the video make any ethical or logical appeals?

  • What is the relationship between the song and images? Are there any words presented in the video and how do these function?


Word length: 500+ words


Research: Your primary (and only required) source will be your chosen film. If you consult or use supplemental sources, please cite these as well.


Tips and warnings: Do not summarize—you must analyze; do not restate the assignment themes in your own words; do not use your assignment as a “soapbox” essay on a related or unrelated topic; please introduce your specific text in the opening paragraph and focus on it for the entirety of the essay.

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