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Question 1 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Raul decides that rather than hire an employee to replace someone who left, he will eliminate the position. Raul is ________ the problem.


Question 1 options:


Question 2 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Aaron hires a new employee who best meets the characteristics he is looking for in the ideal employee. He is ________ the problem.


Question 2 options:


Question 3 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


When major league baseball officials failed to notice they had created conditions that encouraged players to use steroids, this was an example of "motivated blindness."


Question 3 options:


Question 4 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Common sense focuses on the past, and because of this, it is strong in responding to the unexpected.


Question 4 options:


Question 5 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


There is a trend for employees to quit less than one year on the job.


Question 5 options:



Question 6 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Managers should attempt to reduce the negative effects of stress by improving job satisfaction and by encouraging employees to take work home.


Question 6 options:


Question 7 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Letitia reports to work at Apex Inc. This is her first day. Human resources tells Letitia to report to a conference room so that she can review the company's mission statement and policies, go over her job description, and learn about the technology systems in use. This type of experience is an ________ program.


Question 7 options:


Question 8 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Why do we expect satisfied employees to provide higher-quality service to customers?


Question 8 options:


Question 9 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Which of the following is the least fixed of a person's individual differences?


Question 9 options:


Question 10 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Francis interviews two candidates for an administrative assistant position that will require a fair amount of project management. The first candidate is enthusiastic and states that she can "do anything she sets her mind to." She shows up for the interview without a résumé because she know she will be selected for the position.

The second candidate is more reserved, but offers Francis his résumé and a portfolio. He explains that in his last position he managed several projects and kept them on track. Which of the following would be the main reason for Francis to hire the second applicant?


Question 10 options:


Question 11 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Complex, relatively brief responses aimed at a particular target are known as emotions.


Question 11 options:


Question 12 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Feeling stressed is a negative emotion and can be handled by taking on more responsibilities and focusing on urgent tasks at hand.


Question 12 options:


Question 13 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


Saying, "You've got to pay your dues" is another way to promote the status quo. This is an example of the ________ option that organizations can use to address any type of diversity issue.


Question 13 options:


Question 14 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


ABC Airlines hires flight attendants from diverse backgrounds and puts them through an extensive training and orientation program before they are approved to fly. In addition to learning about responding to medical issues and FAA guidelines, they also must learn the company's many rules and processes as contained in an extensive procedures and policies manual. ABC Airlines is adopting a(n) ________ option for managing diversity.


Question 14 options:


Question 15 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


The outer layer of the diversity wheel is that of organizational dimensions.


Question 15 options:


Question 16 (Mandatory) (1.5625 points)


A person's level of effort is an internal factor in attributions.


Question 16 options: