MGMT 227 - Fa. 20 - Midterm

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MGMT 227 - Fa. 20 - Midterm

Online Policy:  You are required to work on this exam by yourself.  This means that you are NOT allowed to discuss the exam with anyone else including on-line forums, etc.  You may use your book, course notes, and external research to complete the exam.  By submitting this paper, you verify that all work on this exam is 100% your own.  Plagiarism will result in a score of 0 on this exam.  Please write your answers in a separate Word document and submit the exam on Canvas by 11:59 p.m. Sunday, October 11, 2020.  Late exams will NOT be accepted.

Essay Questions:  There are three (3) essay questions on this exam.  You are required to answer ALL of them.  Please note the assigned points for each answer.  Please be sure to be thorough in your response and support all of your statements completely.  In order to receive full credit, you MUST discuss the relevant theory or theories that you are using and why you have chosen them for your answer (i.e., do not just give an answer based on your opinion).



  1. You have been asked to design the marketing for a new high-end chocolate bar (think Godiva) available for sale in the grocery store.  Given what you know about perception, discuss how you would get people to try the bar.  Be sure to discuss all relevant aspects of perception, as well as the involvement you would expect from your customers.  (25 pts).


  1. Susan is the brand manager for a brand of paper towels and knows that consumers' involvement with this product is low.  Name and briefly describe two learning theories that are appropriate for this situation, and provide a detailed example of how Susan can use each to influence consumers to purchase the brand (30 pts)


  1. You have been asked to help recruit college seniors to work in low-paying public services jobs (e.g., Peace Corps, Not-For-Profits, etc.).  Unfortunately, you soon realize that many college seniors have a negative attitude towards working at these jobs. 
    1. (40 pts) Given your knowledge of motivation, personality, and attitudes, please describe in detail three (3) different ways you could persuade students to apply for these jobs.  Be sure to explain WHY your strategies would work.  Also be sure to state any assumptions you make in each case.
    2. (5 pts) Briefly discuss how this type of employment could be seen as part of the extended self for the student.