MGMT358-557-Fall2020 Professnl Dev & Leadership II Case Study


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Case Analysis

The group should be prepared to present its case via a Zoom Meeting.


Please send the meeting information to the class by November 30, 2020 11:59PM EST.


GROUP ASSIGNMENT (see Rubric for discussion):


Group 1- Yolanda Hamilton and Medicare Fraud

Group 2- Michael Cohen

Group 3- Worldcom

Group 4- Lehman Brothers and the Financial Crisis of 2008

Group 5- Wells Fargo and its Community Reinvestment Act Violations 


In assigned groups, students will perform a Case Study Analysis.


Groups will prepare a PowerPoint presentation following the format of the paper. 


The slides should be prepared using the approved Bowie Slide Format found at the following link:


Presentation and paper should contain the following content:




Include Group Member Names, Title of Assignment, Course Title and Semester




Brief Synopsis of the assignment and case




The WHO- Who were the key players, those affected

The WHAT- What did they do? What ethical offenses were they accused of? How much money was lost? If any? What was the impact

The WHERE- What did the offense occur? Was it a global crime? Or just affected those in a certain area?

The WHEN- When did this happen? How long did it occur?






Each group will receive a Peer Review by the other groups. Each group will submit a peer review evaluating the presentation of the other groups. The peer review will be completed and submitted directly after the presentation. Groups will have 10 minutes to meet and discuss.