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Grading and Comments


NOTE:  This rubric is for the entire written project.  Please rewrite the problem definition and methodology sections previously submitted and integrate them throughout this paper.


(A) Executive Summary (5 points possible)                                                                                    

(B) Problem Definition (25)    NOTE:  this is rewrite of prior                                  

            - Management questions well-defined

            - Research questions well-defined


(C) Research Method (50)      NOTE:  this is rewrite of prior                                   

            - appropriate use of secondary data to set context

            - appropriate plan for qualitative research component

            - questions you will seek to answer from existent data source


(D) Results:                 qualitative analysis (including thoroughness) (25)                 

                                    appropriate statistical analysis (3 hypotheses) (15)                


(E) Appropriate Conclusions and Recommendations (20)                                        

(F) Limitations (10)                                                                                                    









                                                                                                TOTAL SCORE:       10.  ______