Scientific Research Methodology

Assignment requirements:

This is an individual assignment and work must be done in word format (max. 1000 words).  The student must perform the following tasks in the following order: "Scientific research methodology"
 I- Write a research proposal on a topic of your choice.  Attention should be paid to all elements that make up a research proposal such as:


  • Choose a specific research problem.

  • Study background (a summary of your literature review while reporting an appropriate quote within the text).

  • Underline your research questions / objectives.

  •  (And other ingredients, see lecture notes)NB:

  • The references must be clearly stated using APA Citation Method.

  • You must cite at least 3 journal articles that are directly related and directly related to the research problem (s).

 II- Design a questionnaire to help you collect data on your research problem.
 Your task will be evaluated on the basis of:

  •  Clarity of writing.

  • Adequate coverage of all components of the research proposal.

  • Appropriate coverage of literature review, for example using citation and paraphrasing.

  • Diversity and quality of sources.

  • An appropriate quote.

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