Sexuality refers primarily to a person’s gender

                                                        SECTION A: 

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True and False (26 points) Place T for True and F for False in the brackets to indicate whether the corresponding statements are correct of incorrect.


(     ) In the New Testament the term pornia translated “fornication” refers strictly to sex

                 Outside of marriage

(     ) Sexuality refers primarily to a person’s gender

(     ) Homosexuality is sociologically regarded as sexual perversion

(     ) The Bible categorically forbids masturbation

(     ) The Old Testament explicitly forbids premarital sex for both man and


(     ) The practice of a homosexual lifestyle is forbidden by all Christian


(     )  Same sex marriage occurs only in Western Christian countries such as the U.S.A.

(     ) The orientation towards homosexuality and the practice of it are one and the 

                 Same thing.

(     ) The rejecting-punitive view is the most accepting stance towards the homosexual


(     ) The term “abortion” consistently refers to the willful termination of a developing fetus.

(     ) The Actuality Principle asserts that infants do not have a right to life

(     ) The termination of the life of a fetus is legally regarded as murder

(     ) “Pro-life” advocates are against killing of any kind.

(     ) “Pro-choice” supporters are mainly concerned with the life of the mother.

(     ) Female circumcision has the same purpose as male circumcision

(     ) The prophet Mohammed prescribed female circumcision

(     ) Female circumcision is also a Jewish practice

(     ) Female circumcision is performed under cultural pressure

(     ) Feminism is a movement that opposes male leadership

(     ) Sexism encourages the hatred of women

(     ) The feminist movement is a purely secular movement

(     ) Feminism is exclusively about gender equality

(     ) Radical feminism views original sin as the patriarchal culture of domination.

(     ) The scandal of particularity references to the gender of God.

(     ) American women always had the right to vote

(     ) Religion as a whole has always regarded male and female as essentially equal