Cookie Policy

Cookie policy of our organization is defined and transparent. We are very clear at this matter and we are keeping your information safe with us. We are very clear about how to use the information and the cookies while you are using our website. It is very small information between us and users and we send it to you in a small space for a short time period.

What is Cookie policy?

Basically, we use cookies to identify the users and it is the way to priorities the use by the users of our website. It is an easy way to create communication between us and it is also fastest one. It is also secure and safe to gather the information to serve you better while browsing to purchase the products from us. Cookies are also used to advertise the website and we create the content on the basis of the searches and cookies can collect to advertise the desired content for the users.


Do Grades Master use cookies?

These cookies are deleted after you close the browser or shut down your device. We have specified the age of the cookies sent by us and it is not a factor of worrying.

A user can reduce the use of cookies and a user can deny the use of cookies. Cookies can be denied and we have added the information to do it according to the nature of browser. There is a matter to note that if one user denies the use of cookies then it is possible that he cannot utilize the website effectively. There are settings available for the customers to set the cookies for their ease and they can share the limited information via these cookies with us. We are here for your ease and safety. For further information, you can contact us.


Instructions for how to manage cookies?

Every Internet browser has its own cookies policy you can read from here:

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 For further information, you can contact us.