Director's Notice on Social Responsibility

Respected visitors and experts of Grades Master

We are not just here working for the business’ purposes but we are doing social services for each other. We have to the morals high and we have to participate in the betterment of society in we are living and enjoying. We are working collectively and we have to be responsible for the social services collectively also.

We have to follow the rules and laws to show social responsibility. It is not easy to provide the full security and safety regarding the copyrights and content that we are creating for the customers but it is the only way to serve each by being responsible. We have fulfilled the requirements of academic laws and rules to satisfy each other while we are doing our jobs here at Grades Master. We are concerned with that there should be no misuse of the data and information of any visitor. We strongly believe that there is no fake degrees are gained and in the future we can keep it as it is. We think that we are doing our best to stay legal and work for the betterment.

We are providing academic help to the customers and we are writing papers for our customers. We are not just writing such papers but we also develop the skills to write these papers for them in the future. We are dealing with different disciplines and we are proud to cover almost each and every discipline.

We have listed the academic areas where students can earn the fake degrees but we are not misusing the business or by any means. These areas of study are directly related to humans and life and we are also concerned not to provide any false services regarding these areas of study.

Medical Science

English literature




Mathematical subjects

Health and care


Food and diet




Gay marriage

We are making sure if any other areas are needed to be added in this given list and we are clear about this matter and it is also defined by our terms and conditions of the company. We are clear to take the order not from these areas and we decline the deal at the first check.