Privacy Policy

We have a strict privacy policy to follow and it is very important for both parties to be secure. Your privacy matters to us and you. We are clear to not share your information and it is the primary principle of our organization. We need your personal information and we utilize this to provide you services. We use the personal information to be sure and it is secure with us, we have made the policy to not out any kind of information. We keep this information for a short time and after the end of the deal we delete this personal information of you and it is the privacy policy component we have set. We can retain the information for future use and we do not require it from you to give us again. We are clearly not to use it publically and there is no access by any mean and any person who is using this website. We also disclose to the users that how we collect this information and what is the use of this information. We have made this clear and there should be zero hesitation while using and having services from us and it is the part of our privacy policy.



Our privacy policy provides information about this website and we have made transparent to our users who we are and what we are doing. We are a freelancer and we can be contacted by computers and mobiles, we have defined the privacy policy to our users. We are specified to the rules of privacy and we protect our users. We need the information from the users and it is just because of the nature of our products. There is no personal use of the information given by the customers but it takes the deal to the next level to provide you our services. We can have your personal information from you and it can be collected by your partners and other platforms, the third party can get involved to share and collect the information and it is all about privacy policy.


User Registration:

We need a different kind of information from you. We need technical information, IP address, types of connection and device which is a link between us. We also need the medium by which you are connected and communicating with us to hire our services. Personal information can be categorized further and there are different section are needed to be filed to have the personal information of users over the website. We need your name, phone number, country, email and address of the city with zip code.


Signup Policy:

Users can give this information via the forms available on the website, they can create the accounts here on our website and they can sign up for the services and it is free to sign up for the customers and experts. We collect this information directly from the customers by different means and it is for the ease of users. Why we need this information? We need it to close the deals and confirm the orders from the customers.


Legal Rights:

Every user has legal rights and it is also part of our privacy policy. If any user is not satisfied with us then he can use the legal rights to take the actions. Customers have the right to be informed all the time and they should be cleared about the privacy policies we announce for the betterment of both parties. Users need to access the information on the website to be sure and it is also the principle of the privacy policy. They have the right to be sure and they can contact us to be sure about the privacy policy we make for the users and experts. Users have the right to know how data is used which is given by them. Change of policy is also a right to know by the customers.