Terms and Conditions

We have some written terms and conditions to use and have services from us. We have sorted the issues and principles to utilize our website. Customers can make clear doubts by reading the given terms and conditions here on our website. We request every customer to read these terms and conditions very carefully to be sure of the services in the future.

Dispute Resolution:

Plagiarism is the concern of students and we are following the rules and regulations to avoid any disputes between the inside and outside customers. We do write the original content and it is served by the research from different online resources. It is included in the term and conditions to write for the individual and everyone is special here for us. We have limited contact and it should remain between the experts, customers and us.

We have defined each and every term here in this section and it is for the ease of the customers and visitors to hire us for the services. The term client is referred to as the customers or student who is demanding the services and word product means that paper or assignment. Client information is important for us and we have mentioned that customers have to fill the section to have the services from us. Expert is the person who is providing you writing services and preparing your documents from scratch.

Order Placement:

Order placement is at the end of the customer and he has to complete it by filling the information in a specific section of order and product. Customers have to mention the delivery time and the format in that section and he also needs to tell the price and the number of pages that he needs in the end. The order section has to be filled with full attention here.

Refund Terms and Conditions: 

We have written and understood policies regarding our services and organization. There is a refund and rewrite system which is important and we are here to provide you with services according to your desires. We clarify the delivery system and it is our primary concern while taking order from you. We provide full security to the information of client and expert and it is guarded by the latest technology to make secure and sure.


We are following the laws and rules that are stated by governments all over the world. We are following these laws to avoid the disputes among anyone at Grades Master. We have a location to be found and we are not just doing for you virtually but physical existence is the matter to be filled for the customers and writers. Account use and suspension policies are the parts of the term and conditions.